Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Medium - Oils

"Extreme Caution" 12x9 oil and canvas board.
 This is my first oil from a photo reference. My 3 previous oils were all en plein air. I took the photo this weekend trying to get a nice sunny/shadowy shot of my very white Jack Russell mix. He was investigating a piece of swiss chard that was a scrap from a recent harvest. Shortly after I shot this he flinched in fear of it. It must have moved. He's rough and tough alright.

I'm still very new to this medium, and this is by far the best of my attempts. The others are not worthy of posting.

The image here is a bit shiny since it's still wet. I'll post a better one when it's dry.

Reference photo.

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  1. Kent,
    this really looks good. your shadows, lights, and darks are great. I'm so glad you decided to try oils.


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