Friday, July 27, 2018

If a Boulder Falls in the Canyon

...and no one is there to hear it - it's probably a good thing. Rocks the size of large trucks falling from 1,500 feet are nothing you want to be near. There is no telling how long ago this thing landed. For perspective it's about 60 feet tall and wide.

This is Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend National Park. I painted this in studio from a photo I took years ago while rafting the Rio Grande. 

Original painting by Kent Brewer
Title: Canyon Solitude
Inventory No.: 0331
Size (inches): 14x11
Media: oil on birch wood
Location: Big Bend NP, Texas
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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Stars, Storms and Serenity at Copper Breaks

My son and I recently took a camping trip to Copper Breaks State Park in far north Texas. I didn't bring any painting gear but I did take a camera, hoping for a few reference photos to bring home. The park is probably best known for its spectacular star-gazing which, by itself, is worth the drive. After a we arrived on a Friday night we set up our tent and gear by the light of a lantern, constantly distracted by the astronomical display above us. I couldn't wait to get a fire going so I could relax and enjoy the show which included several meteors. It is impossible to sufficiently describe the beauty of God's creation out here in the middle of nowhere - with "nowhere" being a 21st century definition of a place with no cell service. More on that later.

The first night was as good as it gets, which means that we didn't drive all that way only to settle for an overcast sky. And followed that up the next day with exploring, hiking, eating and relaxation. 

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The Senior Pic

This old viaduct, built in 1933, was a spectacular entry into the small town of Waxahachie, Texas. As travelers crossed over its two lanes, high above the road below, the 1895 courthouse loomed a few blocks to the north. I’m sure it was a welcome sight to weary souls looking for a place to eat or rest. And while this experience is still possible (the town looks about the same as it has for over 100 years), things will be changing soon as the viaduct will be torn down and replaced due to some structural issues. I’ve painted this scene several times and will miss having it around. I’m thinking that the new structure won’t have the same appeal. The title of this work, The Senior Pic, is due to the family that walked by my easel on their way to the tracks under the viaduct for a photo op. I was able to capture that moment in the painting. By the way, this is the same location that was filmed in the Oscar-winning movie, Places in the Heart, from the 1980s. Thanks for reading.

The Senior Pic - 9x12 Oil on canvas.



Sunday, October 1, 2017

No. 294 - Happy Hopper

I swear that the subject matter of this latest painting has nothing to do with my dislike for all things NFL right now. It is completely coincidental. But perfectly appropriate since I have decided to turn off the millionaire whiners and do something else on Sundays.

Yesterday, my son and I went for a walk down to the Farmers Market and spotted this thing parked in front of the old freight depot in Waxahachie. I took some photos and couldn't wait to paint it.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Art on the Square

Art on the Square is the name of the Ellis County Art Association's new gallery in downtown Waxahachie. One day each month, ECAA members are assigned to work a 4-hour shift in the gallery to welcome visitors, help with any sales and basically keep an eye on things. For my last two shifts, last March and again this past Saturday, I brought my plein air gear with me to help pass the time. I set up my easel right outside the front door. As you can see from the paintings, we have a great location and view.

The first painting was looking to the left of the courthouse, and the second is looking to the right. If I were to do another painting it would almost have to be of the courthouse itself to complete the panorama.

It was nice to have a live model, oblivious though he was. A man looking for cans decided to sit for a while right in my view.

Friday, February 5, 2016

View from the Caprock

Painted on location from the caprock located within the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge. The small bit of light color to the right of the trees is the West Fork of the Trinity River.

This is Fort Worth's best kept secret. A beautiful area complete with their own herd of bison, hiking trails, boardwalk and interpretive center. Just west of west 820 off of the Jackboro highway.

8x10-inch oil on canvas panel. Available for $100 at Daily Paintworks. To view the sale click on the PayPal link: