Sunday, October 1, 2017

No. 294 - Happy Hopper

I swear that the subject matter of this latest painting has nothing to do with my dislike for all things NFL right now. It is completely coincidental. But perfectly appropriate since I have decided to turn off the millionaire whiners and do something else on Sundays.

Yesterday, my son and I went for a walk down to the Farmers Market and spotted this thing parked in front of the old freight depot in Waxahachie. I took some photos and couldn't wait to paint it.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Art on the Square

Art on the Square is the name of the Ellis County Art Association's new gallery in downtown Waxahachie. One day each month, ECAA members are assigned to work a 4-hour shift in the gallery to welcome visitors, help with any sales and basically keep an eye on things. For my last two shifts, last March and again this past Saturday, I brought my plein air gear with me to help pass the time. I set up my easel right outside the front door. As you can see from the paintings, we have a great location and view.

The first painting was looking to the left of the courthouse, and the second is looking to the right. If I were to do another painting it would almost have to be of the courthouse itself to complete the panorama.

It was nice to have a live model, oblivious though he was. A man looking for cans decided to sit for a while right in my view.