Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Camp Misery

Early explorers named this spot along the Rio Grande River "camp misery" because of the difficulty they had getting their wooden boats and gear through this part of the canyon.

A centuries-old rock slide had narrowed the passage so much that they needed three days to get through it. Today this is a class IV rapid but easily passable in the more flexible rafts of today.

This is a painting of Santa Elena canyon in Big Bend National Park. My reference photo was taken during a 2-day rafting trip in the early 90s.

Monday, November 9, 2015

From the Jetty

October in Galveston was a first for me. The island and I go back almost 50 years beginning in the 1960s where vacations almost always ended up with our car heading south from Wichita Falls for a long drive to the Gulf. My adult years didn't change that tradition but now it's only a 5 hour drive.

Brutal heat and humidity were, or course, the norm for "island time" so visiting there recently in the Fall was ideal as weather goes. Not that I didn't enjoy the place no matter the conditions, but it was so different that it didn't seem like the same place. I didn't bring my painting gear since we were only going to be there for two nights but I planned to take a lot of photos for studio use and "From the Jetty" is a result of one of those photos..It was early morning just at sunrise and the water, waves and foam were beyond beautiful. As an added bonus, porpoises were vaulting themselves completely out of the water near some nearby surfers.

#233 From the Jetty - 9x12-inch oil on canvas panel is available for $150 unframed