Friday, June 22, 2012

Hill Country Cumulus

Hopefully, after years of learning what it takes to accomplish a successful painting, one can go back to take a look at older works of art to see where they may need improvement. While watercolors aren't great for any after-the-fact fixes, there are occasions where weak areas can be helped a bit. After looking at "Hill Country Cumulus" (previously titled "Hill Country Stream") I determined that the value of the distant trees was too light so I decided to darken them up (at the risk of creating a muddy mess). I think it helps bring out the shear brightness of the cumulus formation and gives some distance and separation with the foreground.

Here are the before and after images:



Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Homegrown Still Life

There's something satisfying about creating a painting of stuff you've grown in your own garden. A truly complete creation from start to finish. This was my first still life since probably high school art class many years ago.

Homegrown Pepper and Garlic - 8"x8" oil and gessobord - $195 

I grow my own garlic and save back a few bulbs to replant each Fall for an unending supply. My yard is rather shady but pepper plants seem to love it.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Paint Historic Waxahachie

For a better look, here are the scans from a few of my plein air paintings from this year's event.

10x8 oil on Gessobord  - $225

10x8 oil on stretched canvas - $195

10x8 oil on Gessobord - $195

10x8 oil on Gessobord - $225

Goldfish Pond

I finally finished this painting that I started en plein air during the "Hidden Gardens of Fort Worth" tour from several weeks ago. 8"x8" oil on Gessobord.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

First Place - Paint Historic Waxahachie

The 'Paint Out' awards were presented Friday night and I was thrilled to find that I had won first place for my oil painting of College Street looking north. It's a working title.

The show was judged by artist, Rusty Jones. This was my last painting before the Friday 2 pm deadline which I finished on Thursday night. It took me two separate evenings on-location to finish it because I lost my evening sunlight on the top of the tallest building on the first day. That light is what attracted to me to this scene when I drove by here earlier in the week.

I was actually torn as to whether or not I should include this among the five selections I was limited to.  Needless to say I'm glad I decided to keep it in. Without the car and the people in this painting it would be difficult to understand the size of these buildings.

Tomorrow at 5 pm the sale wraps up and a People's Choice winner will be awarded by popular vote ballots... so get out there and vote!

On a side note, I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with ECAA volunteer Cynthia Nance today at the Sale. Cynthia's daughter, Samantha Shelley Nance, was murdered in 2009. Shelley was a beautiful young lady and a very talented artist going to school to further her talents in art. I was very honored that Cynthia purchased four of my pencil sketches today during the sale.