Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Bridal Commission

A few months ago I was commissioned to paint a local home that would be a surprise gift from a lovely, soon-to-be bride to her soon-to-be husband.  The subject was their future home which sits on a quaint, tree-lined street in an old Waxahachie neighborhood.

I was honored to do it but I had underestimated some of the pressure I would begin to feel about getting it right. I really wanted her to be thrilled with it since this was a pretty special gift. With a somewhat tight deadline (through no fault of her own) I started to wonder what I would do if she hated it. The pressure would have increased tremendously to come up with another piece. And I don't do well with that sort of pressure when it comes to creating fine art.

Fortunately, at the moment of truth when she came to pick it up (only days before the deadline), she seemed to be genuinely pleased with it, and I was genuinely relieved. It's very satisfying to think that this painting will probably have a special place in their home for many years to come.