Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Thankful for Time to Paint - Thanksgiving 2014

Here are three paintings from over the Thanksgiving weekend. 

#193 From Bethel Road - 9x12-inch oil on canvas panel. I don't know the name of this creek but it flows near Little Bethel in Ellis County. Little Bethel Church was featured in the movie Places in the Heart.  

#194 From Greathouse Road - 11x14-inch oil on canvas panel. As I have said before, this is the prettiest part of Ellis County. It's not the hill country but it has some of that feel to it.

#195 - From Green Gulch Road - 11x14-inch oil on canvas panel. Another view from the most scenic drive in Texas. This road (which is subtly hinted at in the distance) winds through the Chisos Mountains into the basin of an extinct volcano in Big Bend National Park. This is a plein air painter's dream, but I have yet to actually paint there since I haven't been back since I started painting outdoors.

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