Saturday, December 27, 2014

Looking Closer at Reference Photos

Every time I look through my personal reference photos for subjects to paint I seem to find something I hadn't noticed before. Especially if I zoom in and crop out unwanted details. 

For example, this recent oil, Seven Points Sheep, was maybe 10-percent of the original photo of a cotton gin near Waxahachie. He just happened to be grazing nearby. 
Seven Points Sheep - 10x8-inch oil on canvas panel

This calf was just a small background compliment in a photo I took of a barn. Zooming in he became the center of interest. 
Calf Romp - 9x12-inch oil on panel
And finally, in my original photo you could hardly see these pigeons warming their bodies atop this structure in Grapevine, Texas. By enlarging the image they became the center of interest and really make the painting more successful.
Pigeon Warming - 12x9 oil on panel

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