Saturday, August 23, 2014

Pasture Prime - plein air and studio versions

Earlier this year I posted this plein air of a classic John Deere from Windy Ridge Farm in Ellis County, Texas. Recently I completed a studio version, from a slightly different angle. Here they are, side by side.

Pasture Prime - 11x14 oil on canvas panel. Studio piece.

Windy Ridge Deere - 9x12 oil on canvas panel. Plein air.

I'm always amazed how the previous plein air looks so different to me after I complete studio version. In this case, the length seems way off. But when painting on location, proportional accuracy is something you strive for but obviously it's never as good as working from photos in a time-is-no-object studio.

By the way, I don't project images on my canvas. All of my art is free-hand sketched as I feel it enhances the piece with its inherent flaws. No offense to those that do project or trace, but that's my personal preference. I will say that mapping out the image with the proportional square-to-square technique is probably the best of both worlds and I highly recommend it.

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