Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Taste For Chicken Art (see what I did there?)

I've decided to take this chicken thing to a higher level. I've launched a website devoted to those chicken lovers out there that might like to have a custom portrait of their favorite hen or rooster. Two sizes are available: 8x8 and 8x10. And all are painted in oil on fiberboard panels that are ready to hang, or they can be framed.

Poultry art is a new thing for me but as it turns out, I really like to paint them. They each have so much character. Maybe I was destined to paint fowl because it's in my genes (my mother's maiden name is Fowler). Somewhere down the line one of my ancestors must have really been into chickens. In the twenties and thirties my grandfather, "PawPaw" Fowler, raised chickens. Of course in those days just about everyone did, if you lived in Texas anyway.

As a young girl my mother loved a banty rooster, Biddy Bess, to death... literally. Apparently she squeezed the life out of it with too much affection. Yep, chickens are in my blood. The only reason I don't have any of my own is because my maniac dog would probably give them all a collective chicken cardiac arrest. A farm dog, he isn't. I suppose it's possible that he would get along fine with them but I guess I'll never know. One of these days I will hopefully have some of my own. Maybe when Gus "the wonder dog" is too old to care about them.

So, if you have chickens that you don't plan on eating then you probably consider them an extension of your family. Most of my chicken-raising friends feel this way. Why not have a painting of them? These custom oils are priced far below what I normally ask for original art because they don't require too much time to complete-usually about two hours or less. I also plan to have a selection of note cards for sale in the near future, as well as offering each customer the opportunity to purchase note cards of just their artwork.

For an example of how your painting will look, here are a couple of recent chicken portraits that I painted in the two sizes mentioned above:

No. 0102 - White Chicken - 8x8 oil
No. 0103 - Two White Chickens - 10x8 oil

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