Sunday, July 7, 2013

Following Frank Reaugh: A Celebration of Plein Air Painting

I must admit that the name Frank Reaugh did not register with me. But upon learning that his 19th century roots go all the way from Dallas to Wichita Falls I almost feel shame for not having the slightest idea about whom this man was. Growing up in an area of north Texas where he became well known as an accomplished plein air artist, you would think that I might have some clue about the man since his life touches upon several of my personal interests-namely plein air painting and Texas history. But sadly, and gladly, I'm just now learning a little about him.

Frank Reaugh was born in 1860 and came to Texas in 1876, settling in Terrell. He spent much of his time interpreting north Texas ranching life in plein air paintings along the Wichita River near my hometown of Wichita Falls. I'm glad to know that his legacy is being carried on by the folks at the Dallas Heritage Village of Old City Park with an annual event called "Following Frank Reaugh: A Celebration of Plein Air Painting". Artists are encouraged to visit the grounds of Old City Park and paint away at any number of interesting subjects. Those works, along with other plein air paintings not related to the DHV, can then be entered in their October juried show.

I'm very impressed with the hospitality of the organizers. They provided several of us with a gate access code to enter the park before normal operating hours so that we could set up beforehand and take advantage of early light. Not to mention that we were allowed free entry. For those not familiar with the Dallas Heritage Village, please visit their website. They are located just south of downtown Dallas and it's a great place to kill an afternoon.

8x10 oil on panel - School House

9x12 oil on canvas panel - The Dugout

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