Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Bantam Rooster (and some chicken talk)

Bantam Rooster - 10x8 oil on panel
Several of my friends have insisted that I could be successful painting chickens and roosters. This probably has something to do with the recent popularity of urban farming. Unlike my sainted Grandmother, Mama Tennie, these chicken aficiodados wouldn't dream of walking out in the yard, grabbing one by the neck, slinging it around until dead, plucking and frying it for dinner.

So, with this upswing in chicken farming, and the affection for the chickens themselves, it would certainly make sense that chicken paintings should be more popular than ever. All I needed to get started was a good photo, which I found at a website called This is a site where artists are encouraged to use photographer's images for creating art without copyright infringements. Their slogan is "Where artists and photographers meet." The photo reference for this oil was provided by PMP member Li Newton.

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