Monday, June 3, 2013

Oma's Jiffy Burger Plein Air

For the last few years during the annual Waxahachie 'Paint Out' I've witnessed a lot of paintings of Oma's Jiffy Burger being sold during the 2-day sale. Okay, I'm in... so this year I managed to fit an O.J.B. plein air while across the street from the Hachie institution.

Most of the paintings I've seen are facing the building straight on, but while scoping out a spot to set up I noticed that another local institution was in the background if you position yourself a few yards to the west of the building. What could be a better seller than to have both the hamburger joint AND the Ellis County Courthouse all in one painting?

While it didn't sell at the event, it was a later entry so it didn't get much exposure. But you can buy it now for $120. That's about 20 hamburgers including a drink and chips.

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  1. One of your strengths as an artist is the way you create your compositions. You are very gifted at seeing scenes that make very interesting paintings.


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