Tuesday, June 25, 2013

No Place Like Home

Igloo Planter - plein air 12x9 oil on panel
Sometimes the best place to paint en plein air is to just walk out the back door, something I don't do nearly enough. The Brewer Gardens have ample subject matter but for some reason I find myself painting other people's gardens more than my own.

My awesome Mother-in-law is constantly giving me cool things to fill with plants, like the two featured in this 12" x 9" oil on panel. Since the inside liner of her vintage Igloo water cooler had rotted out, it was given new life as a planter for an agave. Along with the Mexican floral pot, with wrought-iron stand, she had given me the perfect objects to paint on a sunny patio.

I love to paint contrasting subjects like this... natural vs manufactured metal objects. When your subject matter opposes each other you're already on your way to a good composition before you've even set up your easel.

I tried to work as quickly and loosely as possible, with a self-imposed time limit of 2 hours or less. I think it took about 90 minutes to finish it. 


  1. This one looks super. Your values are spot on and your composition is really appealing. I love your brush work as well.

  2. Thanks my friend. Finally, one of my paintings escapes the wipe off.


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