Friday, May 31, 2013

Paint Historic Waxahachie 2013 - Best in Show

Day One - Painting number 1:  Saturday morning: "Rogers Street Looking South" - 9x12 oil on canvas panel. This won Best in Show.

Painting number 2: "Indian Blanket Along the Bike Trail" - 9x12 oil on canvas. Two waves of thunderstorms made for an interesting plein air experience. Those are hay bales in the distance. One day later this field had been mowed. 

Painting number 3: "Hay Bales Along the Bike Trail" - 8x10 oil on canvas panel. Last painting of Day One with golden light illuminating the west-facing bales after the storms finally cleared out.

Day Two - Painting number 4: "College Street Looking North" - 8x10 oil on canvas panel. Morning sunshine occasionally broke through for me to establish some shadow and light.

Painting number 5: "Katy Depot Caboose" - 8x10 oil on canvas panel. I painted this from the historic Rogers Street Bridge which crosses Waxahachie Creek on the Hike and Bike Trail. This caboose is a much brighter red than this, but it wouldn't look right if I used the actual red. A somewhat sore subject among locals. Way too bright. Anyway, this painting grew on me after letting it sit for a few days. Might be my favorite of the bunch.

Day Three: Painting number 6: "Jefferson Street Shed" - 9x12 oil on canvas panel. I've always wanted to paint this metal building with its overgrown trumpet vine.

Painting 7: "900 Bryson Steet" - 9x12 oil on canvas panel. Last painting of the event (other than the quick draw the following Thursday evening). Great afternoon sunlight popping through the clouds. This old house has been neglected for many years, but now has new owners and sits proudly on the 2013 Gingerbread Trail Tour of home which begins tomorrow.

All of these paintings, along with art from the other 32 artists will be for sale in the Chautauqua Building in Getzendaner Park tomorrow and Sunday. Stop by and see some great art, and vote for your "People's Choice" favorite artist.

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  1. These all look very nice, but the first is still my favorite. I hope it will win you other awards as well, it deserves to.


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