Thursday, May 2, 2013

Creating a Keepsake

Mustang Creek - 8x10 oil on gessobord.

This white-rock creek is a short bike-ride from our house in Waxahachie. My 9-year old son loves to come here and explore, wade and skip rocks. The soil in this part of the blackland prairie is very thin, probably averaging 2' in depth before hitting a solid layer of bright white limestone. On a side note, this wealth of limestone is also the reason that the city of Midlothian (about 20 miles to the west) is cursed with three large pollution-spewing cement plants... but I digress. Mustang Creek shows this geological characteristic very well with no soil remaining, just solid rock from bank to bank and for miles along its path. Along with all of the fun things associated with kids and creeks, this is also a great place to find fossils. Literally thousands of them are etched into the caliche rock everywhere you look.

Now, about the painting. To be honest I'm probably my biggest critic when it comes to my artwork. But this one I actually do like for several reasons. For one, it portrays the look and feel of the creek very well, without being too descriptive or detailed. And it has that "painterly" feel that I continue to strive for, but seldom fully achieve. And I love to successfully paint water reflections and this one turned out well in my opinion. After finishing the painting and showing it to my son I got to thinking that it could be a great little keepsake for him years down the road. I could envision him waxing nostalgic about his youth, and days spent with his old man while telling friends about the painting. I hope one day that some of my paintings will proudly grace his walls, and perhaps even be cherished enough to be passed down to his kids. 

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  1. This one has a very abstract feel to it. It looks like what it is but the shapes and colors are what make it very appealing.


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