Tuesday, May 21, 2013

ArtsGoggle and Hidden Gardens

Saturday was ArtsGoggle time in the Near Southside community of Fort Worth. My friend Steve Berry invited me to set up in his law office to be a participating artist in the event. The building itself is a contributing member of the Nationally Registered Eighth Avenue Historic District. A beautiful structure that lends itself to just such an event.

ArtsGoggle showcases over 150 artists scattered around the area selling their goods, along with live music and food trucks aplenty. I wasn't sure how many paintings to bring, figuring I might sell a couple at the most. I decided to bring 25 oils, watercolors and pastels in various sizes and prices and incredibly, sold 11 of them!

It turned out to be a tremendous evening, and not just because I sold some art. I got to see a lot of old Wichita Falls friends... some that I hadn't seen in 35 years! Sort of a mini Falls reunion.

A big "thank you" to Steve for providing the place (and buying a painting to boot). And another big thank you to the following for forking out money, even in a rough economy, to buy my art: Randy and his wife Julia, Mary and her friend Diane, Todd and his wife Veronica, Dennis and Deloris. I'll try my best to make these investments triple in value before I die.

And another special thanks to Todd for understanding when I decided not to sell a particular painting that he wanted to buy. It happened like this: as he left the room to get his wife involved in the decision-making, I happened to get a call from my wife. Well, the conversation led to the possible selling of that painting and she started telling me that she had just been informed by our son that, of all of my paintings, that was the only one that was special to him and preferred that I not sell it. (In a related blog, see my recent "creating a keepsake" post). I had a reasonably high price on it, thinking that it wouldn't sell, so I really wasn't as prepared as I should have been. But Todd was very understanding and I promised him that I would paint another one similar to it if he was still interested.

Hidden Gardens of Fort Worth
The next morning I was a plein air participant during Historic Fort Worth's Hidden Gardens tour. This is an annual event showcasing some of the finest gardens you'll ever see. This particular garden was off of Westridge in the Ridglea Hills area and featured 12 homes surrounding a series of fountains and ponds. Like a kid in a candy store, there was no shortage of things to paint. I set up near the bottom of a collection pool and cranked out two paintings during the 6 hour event. This photo shows the first one. While it looks okay here, I decided to wipe it off the canvas when I got home so I could try it again from photo references. It's a great subject but it just wasn't working for me.

The second painting I did like but I won't post it until after it dries to the touch so I can properly scan it.

All in all, a very art-intensive weekend, which precedes another art-intensive week to come as I participate in the annual plein air event, 'Paint Waxahachie' beginning Memorial Day weekend.


  1. Wish I could've been there! I had my daughter's graduation and then had to move my other daughter to OKC last weekend. Glad it went well.

    1. Would have been good to see you Mark. Maybe next time.


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