Friday, March 29, 2013

Still Life No. 2

Still Life #2 - 12”x9” oil on stretched canvas. The large brown jar shown here was found buried in Waxahachie Creek in an area where I (amateur bottle guy) have found a large number of vintage bottles dating to the early 20th century. When I find a remnant of pottery or glass sticking out of the mud it’s usually broken so I was really surprised that this large jar was intact and in pretty good shape. Most of its glaze was shiny and not crazed. I’m thinking that this was buried there for a maybe 75 years (perhaps preserved by the black clay silt) but I don’t know how to have it dated. Would love to know its true age. It might be a biscuit jar which could have had a wooden lid. Last year’s drought was so severe here that the creek was almost completely dried up in this particular location. Otherwise I’m sure it would have never been found. 

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