Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chisos Mountains Prickly Pear Cactus

11" x 14" pastel on panel.

As I mentioned previously I'm re-discovering some old slides that I took from years past for some in- studio painting. I somehow like the idea of painting from photos I took 25 years ago. This particular scene overlooks the Chisos basin pour off looking toward the west in the middle of Big Bend National Park. Prickly pear fruit tastes just like it looks like it might taste (like a strawberry) but be warned: use candle or lighter to burn off the tiny hair-like needles that cover the skin. They are quite irritating if you don't, so I've been told.

Once the weather warms up I'll be doing more plein air, but for now I'm thoroughly enjoying the confines of my studio and all of the new/old subject matter. By the way, if you've ever been less than motivated to paint simply because you don't feel like dragging out your stuff, I highly recommend finding some place, any place, to set up shop.  Mine is located in a shed next to the garage. I've got all of my gear within easy reach, a mini-fridge full of beverages, tunes, space heater... and I don't have to put it all away when I'm done. It's only about 45 square feet, but it's awesome!

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