Monday, February 25, 2013

Gus at the Gate - Progression

Sketching basic shapes using only primary colors.
Blocking in local color and locating cast shadows.
Establishing values darkest to lightest.
Ready to add the foreground fence wire.

Gus at the Gate - 10"x8" oil on Gessobord. 

I chose this subject because I liked the way the shadows from the fencing wire cast over the stark-white fur and sienna-colored ears of my dog. 

The most intimidating part of finishing this piece was dealing with the foreground fence wires on the gate. Intimidating because I was kind of liking the painting as-is, to this point. The wires have obviously helped legitimize the cast shadows.


  1. How did you get him to stand still so long? Haha, this one wasn't plein air was it?

  2. No, winter is the best time to studio paint. My last two have been in studio. Sorry I couldn't make your last outing with the plein air group. One of these days...


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