Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rock Island and Katy Depots

Another in a series of depot paintings in Waxahachie. I set up shop in the shady breezeway of the old Rock Island Depot looking south towards the Katy. My first plein air in several weeks. 

The trains still roll between these two architectural gems. They just don't stop anymore. How I wish they did. And I would gladly trade the Hell-a-shish horn of the freight train for the quaint sound of a steam locomotive. I don't blame them for using them, what with i-pods and car speakers keeping people from hearing them. But they are beyond belief loud. 

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  1. Great job and a really cool composition as well. I agree with you about the steam engines, but I enjoy the freight trains too, so long as I'm not stuck at a crossing for too long!


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