Sunday, May 22, 2011

"You found my wallet?!"

Yesterday was the first weekend of the season for our local Farmers Market so I headed downtown for a few hours of pencil sketching. An opportunity to warm up the drawing skills for the upcoming Paint Historic Waxahachie event that starts this Friday. 

This is one sample page from my sketchbook showing a few images from the day. 

The most interesting thing to happen was about 4 hours later when my wife got a phone call from a friend telling her that he found my wallet. It turns out that it fell out of my shorts while I was sitting on a bench and sat there until my friend had a seat on the same bench and found it. Who knows how long it was there and what are the odds that someone who knows me would be the one to find it amongst the dozens upon dozens of shoppers. Fortunately I didn't even know it was missing until the call. It would have driven me crazy looking for it had I known that I needed to be looking for it. Thanks Jack. You saved my day.

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